Class 6 NCERT English Chapter 4 An Indian American Woman in Space Kalpana Chawla

Class 6 NCERT English Chapter 4 An Indian American Woman in Space Kalpana Chawla | NCERT Solutions For Class 6 English Chapter 4

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An Indian American Woman in Space

Class 6 NCERT English Chapter 4 An Indian American Woman in Space Kalpana Chawla

Class 6 English Chapter 4

Working With the Text

Answer the following questions.

Q1. Where was Kalpana Chawla born? Why is she called an Indian – American? (3)

Ans: Kalpana Chawla was born in Karnal, Haryana, India. People called her an Indian-American because she moved to the United States and became a citizen there.

English Class 6 Chapter 4

Q2. When and why did she go to the U.S.? Who did she marry? (2, 3)

Ans: After finishing her Bachelor of Science degree in aeronautical engineering, she went to the United States to get her master’s degree. She married a flight instructor named Jean-Pierre Harrison.

NCERT Class 6 Chapter 4 An Indian American Woman in Space Solution

Q3. How did she become an astronaut? What gave her the idea that she could be an astronaut? (3)

Ans: Kalpana Chawla became a pilot, and then she applied to NASA’s space shuttle program. At first, NASA hired her as a research scientist. Then, in 1994, she was chosen by NASA to receive astronaut training. Her achievements as a pilot gave her the belief that she could become an astronaut.

Chapter 4 English Class 6

Q4. What abilities must an astronaut have, according to the journalist? (6)

Ans: The journalist said that being an astronaut is really hard. Astronauts need to know a lot about many things, like biology, astrophysics, and aeronautical engineering. In today’s world, where people specialize in just one thing, astronauts have to know a lot about everything. They need to have a big store of knowledge, like an encyclopedia, to become astronauts.

Class 6 English Chapter 4 Question Answer

Q5. Describe Kalpana Chawla’s first mission in space. (5)

Ans: Kalpana Chawla’s first space mission was on the space shuttle Columbia. It lasted for 15 days, 16 hours, and 34 minutes. During this mission, she and the crew circled the Earth 252 times, covering a distance of 1.45 million kilometers. They conducted experiments, like trying to make plants grow in space and testing ways to create stronger metals and faster computer chips. All of this cost about 56 million dollars.

English Chapter 4 Class 6

Q6. What does Kalpana Chawla say about pursuing a dream? Do you agree with her that success is possible? (7)

Ans: Kalpana Chawla once said that there is a way to go from dreaming to being successful. You have to have a clear idea of what you want and the bravery to go after it. So, yes, success can happen.

Class 6 English Chapter 4 Solution

B. Read the newspaper report to find the following facts about the Columbia’s ill- fated voyage.

  1. Date and place of lift off:_________________________________________
  2. Number of astronauts on board:___________________________________
  3. Number of days it stayed in space:_________________________________
  4. Number of experiments done by scientists:___________________________
  5. Date of return journey: __________________________________________
  6. Height at which it lost contact:_____________________________________


  1. 16 January 2003
  2. Seven
  3. About 16 days
  4. Eighty experiments
  5. February 2003
  6. 200,000 feet

NCERT Class 6 English Chapter 4

Working With Language

A . Match the following

1. unprecedented space tragedy(a) somthing that causes feelings of respect and wonder
2. certified flight instructor(b) having knowledge of a wide variety of subjects
3. space mission(c) nowadays, in these times
4. super specialisation(d) a set of jobs to be done in space by group
5. encyclopaedic knowledge(e) a person with the correct qualification to teach people to fly planes
6. awe-inspiring(f) a sad accident of a kind that has never happened before in space
7. in this age(g) great expertise in a limited field or a particular subject


  1. (f)
  2. (e)
  3. (d)
  4. (g)
  5. (b)
  6. (a)
  7. (c)

Class 6th English Chapter 4

B. Use these phrases in sentences of your own, after finding out their meanings.

  1. broke apart
  2. streaked over
  3. spread across
  4. lifted off
  5. blast off
  6. went on
  7. cheered along
  8. on board
  9. carry on


  1. broke apart – (parted, separated): The two wheels of my bicycle broke apart suddenly.
  2. streaked over – (left a thin line or work): The jet plane streaked over our house high in the sky.
  3. spread across – (became widely known or felt): The flu spread across the whole locality.
  4. lifted off – (rose from the launching site): The helicopter lifted off the helipad with only two passengers.
  5. blast off – (take off noisily): The spaceship blasted off at 2.30 a.m. sharp.
  6. went on – (continued): The discussion went on the whole night.
  7. cheered along – (encouraged): All the runners were cheered along by their fans.
  8. on board – (inside the plane): The huge ship had nearly 500 passengers on board.
  9. carry on – (continue doing something): She decided finally to cany on with her boss.

NCERT Solutions For Class 6 English Chapter 4

C. We add ‘un-’ to make opposites.

For example true – untrue
Add ‘un-’ to the words below to make their opposites. Then look up the meanings of the words you have formed in the dictionary.

Class 6 English Chapter 4 Exercise

1. identified ______6. educated ______
2. controlled ______7. interesting ______
3. attended ______8. qualified ______
4. successful ______9. trained ______
5. important ______10. answerable ______


Word“un-” OppositesMeanings
1. identifiedunidentifiedwhich has not been recognised.
2. controlleduncontrolledtotally free, lawless
3. attendedunattendednot looked after
4. successfulunsuccessfulfailed
5. importantunimportantpetty, insignificant
6. educateduneducatedilliterate, unlettered
7. interestinguninterestingdull
8. qualifiedunqualifiednot having the qualification needed for the job.
9. traineduntrainedraw hand, without the necessary training or experience.
10. answerableunanswerablenot fit to be answered.

Class 6 Chapter 4 English


In her message to students of her college, Kalpana Chawla said, “May you have the vision to find the path from dreams to success … wishing you a great journey. ”
Form pairs. Use “May you …” and “I wish you /Wishing you” to wish your partner good luck and success in

(i) a sports event
(ii)a quiz or a competition, and
(iii)a test or examination.

(i) Wishing you a great success in the sports event.
(ii)Wishing you a glorious success in the quiz competition.
(iii)May you climb to the top in the test!

English Class 6 Chapter 4 Solution

Be sure to thank your partner when he/she wishes you in turn. You may also look up a telephone directory, or go to a post office, and get a list in English and Hindi of standard phrases that can be sent in greeting telegrams anywhere in India. Dis­cuss which of these you might use, and when. Compare the English and Hindi phrases for expressing good wishes. Do you know such phrases in any other lan­guage?


A. Do you have a ‘dream’ or something you very much wish to do? Write a para­graph saying what you want or wish to do. Then say (in another paragraph) how you think you can make your dream come true.

The common and normal mental activity that occurs when we sleep is dreaming. However, “dream” can also refer to ambition, a strong desire in life. I have a modest dream in that regard. I want to get qualified to practice medicine. In my opinion, God and doctors are the top two life-protectors. He comforts the distressed patients. He heals illnesses. He assists a patient in overcoming disease, finding happiness, and leading a complete life. I want to be a doctor so that I may help the underprivileged folks and put a smile on their faces.

I am aware that realizing my dream will not be simple. Along with having a smart mind, I also need money to support my academic endeavors. I will nevertheless persist in pursuing my objective. I want to perform well on the entrance test. Regarding the financial assistance, I’ll acquire it through a bank.

NCERT Class 6 English Chapter 4 Solution

B. Given below are some words that are spelt differently in British and American English. Fill in the blanks accordingly.

NCERT English Class 6 Chapter 4

1. colour______
2. ______labor
3. ______traveler
4. counsellor______
5. centre______
6. ______theater
7. ______organize
8. realise______
9. ______defense
10. offence______


1. colourcolor
2. labourlabor
3. travellertraveler
4. counsellorcounselor
5. centrecenter
6. theatretheater
7. organizeorganize
8. realiserealize
9. defencedefense
10. offenceoffense
Class 6 English Chapter 4 Question Answer

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